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1% Para proyectos de conservación por el 🌎 y comunidades!

1% For conservation projects by the 🌎 and communities!

Through small big steps we have positively influenced changes in the food industry, for this reason, now with a lot ❤️ we want to start a new challenge with you...... Read More

Our roots

We are a young and innovative company, which started from a dream and
that after only a couple of years of existence, we have managed to fulfill our first mission; revolutionize the snack market in Chile.
Nuestras Raíces
Conoce a nuestros Agricultores de la Isla de Chiloé

Meet our Farmers on the Island of Chiloé

In the Chiloé archipelago, along with its myths and legends, we find almost three hundred varieties of native potatoes, attractive for their different shapes and colors. Cultivated and harvested by small farmers who live off their land, our TIKA CHILOE is a way of preserving these gifts and customs of the southern zone of Chile...