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Frequent questions

1. What can I do if I received a product in poor condition when purchasing?

Our commitment is to always be able to provide healthy products, made from real and completely natural ingredients and with high quality.

You can write to us at sac , in order to help you correctly, we would like to have your direct contact (email and telephone), so that we can refer your claim to the corresponding area and give you a quick solution.

2. Are your Products fried or baked?

We have different product lines and different processes, so we are simply detailing the different options we have on the market so that you can know them better:

VEGETABLE CHIPS OR POTATO CHIPS : This line is fried in 100% high oleic sunflower oil, with fresh vegetables that arrive at our plant every day and natural sea salt.

CRACKERS AND TORTIKAS CHIPS : This line is 100% baked, made based on different types of flour and natural ingredients such as herbs and seeds. And we don't use any kind of oil.

TIKA POPCORN : This line is made from natural corn kernels popped in hot air, not fried in oil, and with a touch of extra virgin olive oil or high oleic sunflower oil, depending on the product.

You can find the nutritional tables and ingredients of each of our products in the images of our online store.

3. Are all your products Gluten Free, Vegan or Allergen Free?

Here you can find our products by attributes:




4. Why are the (red) beetroot chips white on the inside? does it have any coloring?

We want to tell you, like many others who write to us, that, for your complete peace of mind, we will detail the process of these delicious red chips invented at Ze Farms that have caused a revolution.

Fresh beets and tubers arrive at our plant every day. The juice is manually extracted from the beets, as they are needed, which is added to 100% natural tubers to achieve a unique and 100% real Red Chip, which are finally processed.

This is nothing new, it has always been like this since day one of the creation and production of Tika, we tell you about it so that you do not think that it was something that we have changed over time in our process. Unfortunately, making beet chips did not turn out well and no matter how hard we tried, they burned and were terribly soaked in oil and unappetizing. This is why we invented, as good innovators that we are, this product and created the first red chips by mixing a great vegetable and fresh natural beet juice and nothing else.

We take advantage of what nature gives us to be able to generate a different, artisanal product, and with the perfect texture and quality that our customers look for.

We will never use any type of additive, flavoring or coloring in any of our products, that is our motto and passion! Create healthy and totally natural snacks.

5. Where can I find your products?

You can find our products in the main supermarkets in the country, in all chains. In addition, we are present in convenience stores, pharmacies, service stations, mini-markets and growing more and more every day in warehouses and neighborhood kiosks to be closer to you. Remember that you can always order in different supermarkets, our products that do not arrive and they start to take them away, take advantage of requesting them if you do not see them in the place that best suits you.

About orders on the website:

  • What are the dispatch times? 

Check our dispatch times here .

  • My order arrived incomplete or it is not what I ordered, where should I go? 

We are sorry for what happened! Please contact our customer service at WhatsApp +56 9 6789 0824 or email to solve your problem as soon as possible. 

  • I selected store pickup and I have not received the confirmation email. 

Please contact our customer service at WhatsApp +56 9 6789 0824 or email to solve your problem as soon as possible.